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Cheering Fans


 I have been working with Shel for close to a year now. She is an endless wealth of information. She takes her time with you.  She even reached out while on vacation out of the country. I truly appreciate everything she has done to help me feel better. This takes place from the use of homeopathic remedies to supporting your mental wellness. Her kindness and love for what she does is overflowing. I am grateful for all she does! 

Ellen L

Monmouth Junction, NJ

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 An absolutely wonderful experience. The weekend retreat was phenomenal. She came well-prepared- she is also extremely fluid in adjusting to the moment. That coupled with her knowledge and experience created an atmosphere of learning and growth.  The breathing/meditation was on such a personal level.  Also, perfect for all skill levels. Shel addresses individual needs so that the participant can get the most of the experience. Additionally, she brings a wealth of knowledge on foods and what foods work best for individual needs. And if it all wasn't enough, her cooking is out of this world! 

Carlo S

Denver, Co.

Working with Shel has allowed me to dig deep and see things from a more creative perspective. She has provided so many tools that, with dedication, I have been able to apply to my everyday life. I feel stronger and more powerful!   My outlook continues to improve, failing and I am loving every day of my life more and more! 


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Shel is a kind, caring, loving and passionate individual. Quite frankly, labeling Shel as passionate is an understatement. Shel is intensely and emotionally immersed in doing everything she can to enhance others overall wellbeing. She approaches her clients with a soft, kind and caring demeanor; however, when it is time to get down to business she doesn’t mess around. She speaks with passion behind every learning opportunity whether it is during therapy sessions, meal prep, goal setting, affirmation setting, and the list goes on.During my private retreat I truly had the opportunity to see Shel in her element. She came more than prepared and organized arriving with not only an itinerary but also, delicious homemade chocolate cake and butter to make ghee…now that’s dedication The itinerary was individualized in a way that fit my needs to a tee. Over the course of the weekend we practiced yoga and meditation, discussed cooking techniques along with nutritional values, indulged in private coaching sessions and topped the night off with guided meditation including Yoga Nidra and instructions on yogic practices. One of my favorite yogic practices is the Abhyanga massage. The Abhyanha massage has tremendous benefits to the mind, body, skin and immune system. I felt so rejuvenated that I partake in this practice every single Friday! As if all of this wasn’t enough-for fun we made body scrubs, rose water, tea and even went on a hike. I couldn’t be more pleased, nor could I thank Shel enough for the time and dedication that she put into personalizing a retreat that was just right for me. I highly recommend Shel’s services and I promise that you will not be let down one bit!!!

Ali S

Denver. CO

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I had such a transformational experience thanks to Shel's coaching! It was amazing being able to open up to someone who is so insightful and such a great listener (I'm not one to open up to people, yet I felt very comfortable doing it with her!), and in turn, receive meditation suggestions and therapeutic journaling practices (for example) that supported the obstacles I was going through. I came across so many self-realizations throughout this program, and I'm so thankful for Shel for guiding me to those realizations. Going through these sessions has impacted my life and mindset in such a beautiful and positive way.

Liz G

Westfiled, NJ

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I reached out to Shel in June of 2017 with a terrible pinched nerve in my neck that had become so bad I could hardly move my head or sit at my desk at work. I had been through the most stressful 2 years of my life dealing with my children’s addictions and incarcerations. My body was crying out for help. I had been to orthopaedic doctors and many sessions of physical therapy with no luck. I was at the end of my rope and honestly losing my mind.  


I sent Shel a message and we got started right away with a consultation meeting. I knew, immediately, that things would change for me. I loved the positive energy along with the true feelings of compassion around my situation.  My problems did matter and they were important. I had no idea.


We began meeting weekly and discussed first and foremost getting a plan in place to manage and improve my injury. I was already attending a gym, daily, something I had just begun, and working on my nutrition to my and weight loss plan so Shel expanded on those and added breathing, yoga and meditation to my daily practice. We discussed supplements and homeopathic remedies and I began a daily regiment right way. 


As we met, weekly I began to open up and discuss what really caused me stress and overwhelming sadness I began to learn from Shel and grow. I began to find joy in my life and a real passion for my overall health and wellness. I was skeptical, at first, with the breathing and meditation. I thought I had been breathing my entire life! I learned, quickly, that I hadn’t taken a real breath in years. 


I have incorporated a daily morning practice of yoga, breathing, dry brushing and meditation along with setting positive affirmations. I could not have done it without Shel and I really fell extremely grateful for her wealth of knowledge and down to earth approach. I now have boundaries set around situations that bring stress and a much better understanding around how to move through tough times in my life. My husband says I am a changed women for the better. I now know how to work through situations, instead of trying to fix things, and move on. I am a true work in progress but a much better version of me. 


Thank you, Shel, for all that you have done and continue to do for me. I have a deep admiration and respect for you and always will. 

Jenn C

Gillet, WY

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