My Inspired Thoughts

Occasionally, I notice a central theme taking shape in my work. Women’s empowerment seems to be front and center, these days. And, I am of the belief, when something is coming up so strongly, it is time to take the insights to a larger audience. I am quite certain many of us have struggles with our inner worth and acceptance the power of our Inner Goddess. My life has been blessed inspiredas I bear witness to the personal struggles and triumphs of others. And for those of you who, like so many of us, for far too long, have hidden in the shadows for only reasons you may know, this is to encourage you to show yourselves and acknowledge your inner beauty, intelligence, and power! My work is my calling. My journey to face my inner conflicts is a constant. I am humbled and strengthened by the ongoing discovery of what it mean to be “a powerful me”.


Here are little something I put down to express my thoughts and feelings:


What is your super power? What? You don’t know? Do you wish you had one? Here is the good news…You do not have to wish Everything you need exists within you Opening up to this idea is the key to unlock your super power All you have to do is….. Believe And access your gifts Begin to understand that your definition of you Is commensurate with your inner worth Start to fill in your blank spaces You know. Those empty areas that you neglect When you tell yourself you: Are not worthy Don’t have the time Are just too tired to try That soap opera that has been running in your head Has been cancelled! Just get started TODAY On your potential Your talents Your WORTH Write yourself a love letter and apologize For all the mean words, you have said to yourself Feel your super power growing in and around you Understand that you do not show up for life Until you are standing on a strong foundation Keep going Keep building that inner power Feel it Let it seep out of your pores When hugging a friend Kissing a lover Standing on your principles There will always be someone Smarter Prettier Thinner More talented

Remember that you are uniquely you Hang out with power givers Avoid power takers Build your tribe Call on your strong sisters who will support you Recognize and praise what is unique in them When the feminine energy rises and unites, There is love There is honor There is respect As the white light of their souls shine out to the world Give of yourself without expectation Practice kindness And never let someone tell you who you are Only you can define you Only you can make you happy Be humble Always remember being powerful Never means overpowering Being overpowered does not mean failure We learn from every misstep Our power grows with their lessons Recognize your Inner Goddess The gentle softness of femininity is powerful And not to be confused with yielding Feminine and masculine energy need to co-exist This is a necessary balance Know that dominance, militarization and destruction Will weaken everyone involved Stay true And Trust You Inner Goddess is wise Your Inner Goddess is your guide Your Inner Goddess knows your soul Let her rule your world She will never steer you off course Let your super power shine Today and everyday Shel

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