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The Magic of Ghee

So what is ghee? Ghee is simply clarified butter that has been used, for centuries, in Indian cooking. And I am of the opinion that it is best when you make is yourself with organic, grass-fed, unsalted butter. If you cannot get grass-fed, make the commitment to organic.

Okay, let me interrupt this “commercial” with a promotion. The promotion is about you and your wellness!

To begin to move away from scarcity thinking. “I can’t afford to eat well.” Begin your food shopping trips with “I am invested in creating abundance in my life. This abundance starts with investing in my physical health with nutrient-rich, beneficial foods.” Sound better?

So commit to your best health and, maybe, if you are a butter lover, try some ghee. The benefits are immense:

  • Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is stable at room temperature and has been used in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries

  • Made up of medium-chain fatty acids, ghee is both easy to digest and beneficial for your heart

  • Compared to butter, ghee has a higher concentration of butyric acid, known for its positive effects on immune function and inflammation

  • Ghee can be made in your own kitchen using a simple method that involves heating grass-fed butter to remove water and milk solids

Making ghee can be “hit and miss” with the consistency the first couple of times and different butters react differently. To see if you even like the taste (I am so sure you will) buy it in the store. I will tell you, homemade is so much better and tastier.

Here is my ghee recipe:

You will also need a medium sauce pan, a small glass jar (a used, cleaned pickle or jelly jar), cheese cloth, a metal spoon and 2 sticks of unsalted, preferably organic butter

Leave the butter out for about 30 minutes so that they can become a bit soft. Warm a medium sauce pan on low to medium low heat. Unwrap the butter without touching it and drop in the pan Allow the butter to come to a boil- there is no need to stir

It is important that you watch the ghee very closely as done can become burned in quickly. After the first boil the liquid may stop boiling and then start, again The liquid should go through two full boils. It is ready when the boil is slowed to a simmer, is clear, a little golden and you can see some “crumbs” at the bottom of the pan

Remove the pan from the heat to cool. Layer the cheese clothe into 4 layers. Put it on the top of the jar with a little slack. Hold on to it or add a rubber band. Slowly poor or spoon the warm liquid over the cheese cloth. You will capture the butter fat. After you have let the warm liquid drip in to the jar, remove the cloth and wait another 15-20 minutes for the liquid to cool a bit more. Cover the jar and place in a cool, dark place. OPTION: if you are living in a warm climate, you can put the ghee in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to accelerate the cooling. Remember to set a timer so that you do not leave the ghee in the refrigerator. In about 12- 24 hours ghee should be fully set and ready to use

You can use it anywhere you use butter. Ghee is great for cooking as it is a high smoke point. ENJOY!

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